Response to Gluckman report

NZ meth contamination report reckless and dangerous

Two of Australia’s leading meth residue experts have labelled New Zealand’s Chief Science Advisor, Peter Gluckman’s report into meth contamination as reckless and dangerous.

The report claimed there is no risk to humans from third hand exposure to houses where methamphetamine has been consumed.

Dr Jackie Wright crafted the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines which provide guidance on the assessment and remediation of former clandestine drug laboratories in Australia:

“The latest review of methamphetamine guidelines in New Zealand has ignored information available on the health effects of individuals living in methamphetamine contaminated properties and established levels that have the potential to result in harm, particularly in children,” Dr Wright said.

“The report and associated press reports are providing misleading and dangerous advice in relation to safe levels within these properties.

“In Australia, we have clear guidance on the assessment of methamphetamine contaminated properties, regardless of whether this comes from use or manufacture, that is based on the protection of health for all members of the community.

“This guidance is based on a sound scientific process, and there is currently no scientific evidence available that would be the basis for this to change.”

Meth Screen CEO Ryan Matthews said the report is irresponsible and politically motivated.

“It’s convenient Mr Gluckman’s report will allow the New Zealand Government to lease contaminated properties in the middle of a housing crisis,” Mr Matthews said.

“There is documented evidence which clearly shows the adverse health effects of living in a property contaminated by meth residue in the 2-20ug/100cm range.

“It’s shocking Mr Gluckman has ignored this evidence and placed political gain above the health and wellbeing of thousands of New Zealanders.”

30 May 2018