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Residential meth testing services by Meth Screen

We offer a range of meth screening services, so that you can choose the type of screening that is most appropriate for your situation. Our screening services are conducted using the NIOSH Method 9111 (methamphetamine on wipes by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry).

Tips for choosing the right Meth Screen service:

  • as a deterrent

    If you require a test that is primarily a deterrent, the Base Composite Screen may be the best choice.

  • suspected exposure

    If you strongly suspect a property has been exposed to meth residue, our Laboratory Composite Screen is a smart choice. If the composite screen is above the limit, individual samples can be easily re-analysed to identify which rooms have a problem.

  • known positive result

    The In-depth Room Sampling Screen is usually used as a follow up to a positive result from the Base Composite Screen.

The tests

  • Base Composite Screen

    about this test:

    The most affordable way to screen a dwelling for methamphetamine. A number of samples are collected and analysed. If the accumulative result of the samples indicates the presence of meth above 0.5μg/100cm², In-depth Room Sampling will be required to establish which rooms require decontamination.

    from: $317INCL GST
  • Laboratory Composite Screen

    about this test:

    Samples are taken from every room and each sample is held in its own tube. Samples are analysed together at the lab, to provide an average reading for the entire property. If the reading is above 0.5μg/100cm², individual samples can be re-analysed (at an additional cost per sample) to establish which rooms have the problem. There is no need to revisit the property on this occassion.

    from: $349INCL GST
  • In-depth Room Sampling Screen

    about this test:

    This type of screening is required when a Base Composite Screen reveals a result above 0.5μg/100cm². Analysing rooms individually will identify which rooms may require decontamination. Samples are taken from each room for individual analysis.

    fee: Contact us for a quote

If you’re not sure which type of screening service would be best for your situation, ask us for advice. We can make a recommendation based on whether the chances of finding meth residue are high, medium or low, based on what you know about the building’s history.