About Us

we have completed thousands of screenings and have years of experience in meth testing properties

Meth Screen are the trusted choice by leading organisations in Australia for property meth testing.

Read below to understand a snap shot of our journey so far.

The founder Ryan Matthews was still very much involved in the meth contamination industry in NZ where he ran a successful decontamination business in Auckland, late 2016. Ryan being involved with the property and construction industries for over 16 years, he had a very good understanding of the built environment of a property and remediating homes for methamphetamine was a very natural progression at the time. The business was one of many companies, who were remediating thousands of houses per year in NZ that where affected by meth related issues.

Ryan quickly understood the complexity of the issue and how the end to end process worked from the initial testing right through to meth decontamination and validation testing. With his ambitious nature, he soon discovered the ice issue in Australia was one that was starting to raise headlines across the Tasman. Having then spent many months researching the depth of the issue, state laws and having been back and forth on numerous trips to seek out partnerships, the idea to launch Meth Screen was decided.

The landscape in Australia at that time for meth testing was very limited. The risk management approach to drugs in properties was not something that had been considered by industry stake holders. Occupational hygienists were performing high level assessments for local council on full blown clandestine laboratories for a number of years but that’s about as far as the testing of homes went.

Real estate groups, financial institutions, insurance companies & property management firms where soon to be faced with a wave of more educated consumers dealing with the fallout from the ice epidemic. The need for affordable, simplified and accessible meth testing services was soon to be in more of a demand. The early days in the market consisted very much around the education to the real estate industry travelling from state to state holding seminars and presentations on an issue that had yet to be discussed. We didn’t get into the meth testing of homes until late 2017 as education on the issue started to get some industry experts implementing best practices for meth testing.

Meth Screen has been a regular in national media coverage on the topic of contamination in homes with Ryan’s willingness to put himself out there to help educate Australians on this complex issue. The constant media coverage and endorsements by real state groups, REIs and other professional entities has elevated Meth Screen to become a trusted service provider in Australia.

We constantly strive to put our clients first and problem solve issues on a daily basis. With many years now in the Australian market, our clients are some of the biggest and most trusted organisations in Australia.
We have completed thousands of screenings with our technicians taking tens of thousands of samples so you can be sure that we understand the meth problem within a property and the results you receive will give you the most balanced understanding of any potential issue.