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Meth Contamination

Nicole was actually fortunate to find drug paraphernalia prior to moving into her rental. This gave her the opportunity to contact Meth Screen and validate the safety of the rental. If she had not been fortunate to spot the drug activity and moved into this particular home, her and her sons health would of been […]

Meth Testing

Great Article from outlining the issues around meth contamination. This is a really good example of a leading real estate brand encouraging a risk management approach to the issue in Australia. Original: It’s easy to believe that meth labs are a myth, existing randomly in tucked away corners of suburbs that don’t affect […]

View original article here. LANDLORDS and prospective homebuyers are being urged to consider screening properties for meth contamination, with one testing firm saying more than half the homes in WA it analyses are tainted with ice. There are also real estate industry calls for the State Government to legislate a mandatory system similar to the […]

Meth Testing Perth

View original article here. PROVO, Utah (AP) — A hazmat suit and respirator is what Jared Herbert typically wears to work. If passersby ask what he is working on, he tells them he’s just cleaning a house. Or taking care of a residential chemical contamination. He never gives the real reason why his cleaning crew […]