New Home Dreams Turned Drug Den Nightmare

SUNSHINE Coast couple are in the midst of a nightmare after unknowingly renting a property formerly used as a drug den. A family moved into their Sippy Downs property on January 4, with a mother-of-one falling ill almost immediately from the high level of methamphetamine residue. The couple were excited to start a new chapter at the home but were shocked to find drug utensils in the backyard of the property. “We spent the first day cleaning the property because it was absolutely filthy,” the male tenant said. “We soon discovered bent spoons in the backyard, unusual stains in the garage and drug paraphernalia around the house.” After introducing themselves to neighbours, their suspicions were confirmed that “junkies” used to live in the home. During their second night, a female tenant woke up barely able to breath and went to hospital. “At hospital, doctors discovered my wife was in the midst of an environmental asthma attack and suffering occupational bronchitis and recommended she not go back to the rental….hashtag#rentalshashtag#protectionhashtag#methscreenhashtag#riskmanagement

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