Alarming Number of Families Being Exposed to Methamphetamine

Nicole was actually fortunate to find drug paraphernalia prior to moving into her rental.
This gave her the opportunity to contact Meth Screen and validate the safety of the rental.
If she had not been fortunate to spot the drug activity and moved into this particular home, her and her sons health would of been at risk and her belongings had the potential to be cross contaminated which would of been a huge disruption, financially. 
The recorded levels where significant many many times over any acceptable level globally. 
This should be something that is picked up earlier and the property should be screened prior to a tenancy.

Who else out there believes more should be done to protect families from moving into properties that are contaminated?

Experts say an alarming number of South Australian families are being exposed to methamphetamine residue and don’t even know it. 

There has been a surge in the number of homes being tested – and the results are concerning. 

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