residue-free living environments

residue-free living environments

residue-free living environments

the problem

Meth contamination, which is invisible and has no smell, is a very real issue that can cost thousands of dollars to remediate. It is estimated that around 20% of contamination problems are linked to labs; 80% to meth users.

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Meth residue screening establishes the safety of a property before new tenants move in. Regular checks provide a deterrent to meth use and detect contamination problems early, when they are easier to fix.

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We are not linked to any remediation companies, so can provide an unbiased assessment of your property. After samples are correctly taken, analysis is conducted at an accredited laboratory. You can trust the results.

Who benefits from our services?


  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents


  • Home buyers & sellers
  • Property investors


  • Insurance companies
  • Local council & inspectors
I recommend using Meth Screening Services as part of achieving Excellence in Property management services. MARTIN COOPER - MD HARCOURTS COOPER & CO 2017. New Zealand winner - Harcourts over all PM Excellence Award

Meth testing for rental properties is a fact of life

Regular property inspections to identify maintenance issues are expected by both tenants and landlords these days. Screening for meth residue should be part of this regular routine. Apart from the obvious benefits of detecting residue when levels are low enough to make decontamination relatively easy, the chances of meth use on the property decrease substantially, because tenants know the property will be screened regularly.